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Miami | Fort Lauderdale | Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Shane Eason is a time based media artist, curator and educator living and practicing in the metro Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. His formal experimental films are conscience studies in self identity and abstraction with subtle hints of documentation. His film and video work has screened internationally in festivals and art galleries. Currently, bills are paid by teaching as a cinema production professor at Florida Atlantic University.

winter | night | toronto | 2008

winter | night | toronto | 2008

winter | day | miami | 2008

winter | day | miami | 2008



Color HD | Dolby 5.1 | 90+/- min. | 2013
In Production | Black Iron Films

PAPA is a new feature documentary that will chronicle the Hemingway Look-alike Contest and spotlight a number of participating "Papas," their family members, friends, and fans. Additionally, the film will explore the concepts of celebrity, the importance of history, and create a portrait of the eccentric and proud "Conch Republic" of Key West, FL.

PAPA has also recently launched a Kickstarter™ fundraising campaign. There's a ton of great rewards for potential backers that pledge to the film. Pledges range from $1 to $5000. Rewards include posters, buttons, DVDs, trading cards, humidors, among other items. The project is live for only 60 days and must raise $10, 000. By no surprise, PAPA is on a small budget. So any assistance helps.

If you're not familiar with Kickstarter™, which I think most are privy, it's a website devoted to independent projects (film, dance, theatre, science, etc.) that look for financial support from potential independent backers. This type of support is categorized as "fan funding" and is similar to the annual pledge drives of PBS and NPR. 

If you're interested in pledging to PAPA, just follow the links.

PAPA on Kickstarter™ (Pledge to PAPA!)
PAPA of Facebook™ (Like PAPA!)
PAPA on Vimeo™ (Watch the PAPA teaser!)
PAPA on Youtube™ (Watch the PAPA teaser, again!)

dir./pro./cam. Shane Eason | ad./ed./cam. Nick Sacci
dop./cam. Terryll Loffler | cam./pa. Matt Perez
pa. Jessica Del Pino | pa. Sheena Orr